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към 18 април 2017
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Varna City Park SOUTH

The first residential complex in Bulgaria,
with geothermal water supply and energy

A place to live, provided with all that is needed to save time and money
— your personal time and your personal money! The time you can spend
with a loved one, with your family or the time you can enjoy on your own.
Along with that, it all comes with 40% lower utility bills.
Benefits enjoyed as of day one,
and lasting for life.

За комплекса

General information

Apartments with panoramic view of Varna Lake amidst 26 000 sq. m. of green park. Picturesque alleys for promenades, jogging and bicycling right at your feet. Mineral hot water pool with children’s part at your disposal during the entire year. A day-care for children, a children playground and grassy areas to play. The nearby supermarket, the three largest malls in Varna and the department stores of the large chains of stores add to the living environment in Varna City Park SOUTH. Working persons and pensioners, children and juveniles can enjoy all that simply on their way back home!

Bulgaria is the second-ranking country in Europe for geothermal riches and our favorite city offers them in extensive quantities. Observing all governmental and municipal requirements and regulations our team made that accessible at the first of its type residential complex in the country. The actual financial aspect of the project is as satisfactory to us as is its ecologically friendly aspect.

Geothermal water

Our own drilling from an independent source supplies Varna City Park SOUTH with geothermal mineral water. It is the source of heating, cooling, hot water for the kitchen and bathroom, and drinking mineral water. This green energy reduces by 40% the utility bills of the apartments in the complex. Renewable green energy, ozone saturated mineral water without the presence of chlorine and chemicals, hot mineral water with curative properties, etc.

Year-round hot mineral water swimming pool with temperature of 32 - 35 °C. The most reliable and comfortable air-conditioning system nowadays, backed up with up to 48-hour emergency power supply from a diesel generator. Observing all governmental and municipal requirements and regulations our team made that accessible at the first of its type residential complex in Bulgaria.

Вътрешен двор 360°

The buildings

Looking towards the horizon the buildings at the complex are proudly standing at a distance of 55 to 75 from each-other. Each building is accessible through two entrances – from the park and from the underground parking lots. For maximum convenience the lifts are fast and there are two of them in each entrance. White concrete, glass railings and façade of imitation wood make the link with the park natural. Viewed from above, the buildings shaped as sun glasses flirt with the sun and its unobstructed access to the complex from sunrise to sunset. The ellipse formed by them creates the feeling of a cozy space, a nest – symbolism of home and family. Concrete floor slabs 25 cm thick and noise-insulation materials reduce noise to below 37 decibels (db). Double glass-pack in six-chamber window frames with all-season glass panes of 97% light permeability cut heating and cooling costs almost in half.


The five apartments on each floor provide comfort and tranquility (and good relations among neighbors, too). The apartments at the complex are two-, three- and four-room with spacious rooms for children and living rooms. The first-floor flats have their own miniature decorative yards, part of the green park. And as we pay attention to the smallest details we designed the apartments with movable internal walls, noise- and heat-insulated. At the stage of early construction the new apartment owners can specify their own lay-out plan of the rooms, by observance of the normative requirements. Subsequently, upon procurance of Act 16 the walls can be moved again at the expense on the owners, depending on the owner’s wish or needs.

All utility bills for heating and hot and cold water supply are recorded individually for each apartment, exclusive of bills for common areas. The ozone-saturated mineral water eliminates the need of storage and purchase of such in plastic containers.


The apartments in Varna City Park SOUTH are a perfect venue for investment. The first of its type in Varna and Bulgaria. Apart from all its qualities and the living environment the greatest advantage in case of leasing the properties is probably the low utility bills in the complex.

☰ начин на плащане
  1. При подписване на предварителен договор внасяте начална вноска.
  2. Остатъка може да платите по два начина:
    А) след Акт 16, при прехвърляне на собствеността;
    Б) по време на строителството, като на всяка платена сума получавате до 7,5% отстъпка;
  3. Осигурили сме до 80% преференциално ипотечно кредитиране за наши клиенти от няколко български банки. Специални облекчени условия за българи работещи в чужбина.


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☰ 0,69 лв./м2 такса

Месечната подръжка включва:

  1. всички текущи разходи (заплати на персонал, консумативи, сметките за ток на общите части, осветление в парка, асансьорите и др.);
  2. 24 часов контрол на достъп на два контролно-пропусквателни пункта;
  3. абонамент за сервизно обслужване на асаньорите;
  4. подръжка на озеленяване на 25 000 м2 парк;
  5. почистване на стълби, стълбищни клетки, общите части и зелен парк;
  6. поддръжка на подземен паркинг от 20 000 м2;
  7. видео наблюдение;
  8. текуща поддръжка на инсталациите в комплекса;
  9. текуща поддръжка на басейна с гореща минерална вода;
  10. осветление на стълбища и коридори;
  11. осветление на общите части на 20 000 м2 паркова зона;
  12. осветление на подземният гараж за 640 паркоместа.

Таксата се формира на база квадратните метри посочени като «обща площ» за всеки отделен имот.


Например за двустаен апартамент от 65,02 м2 ще се плаща 44,86 лв. месечно.


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