A BLOCK «Albitsiya»

# Type Block Entrance Floor Exposition Total area Price State
A.A 1One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»firstSoutheast80,02 m2— € Reserved
A.A 2One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»firstEast-West67,21 m2— € Sold
A.A 3One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»firstSouthwest65,02 m2— € Sold
A.A 7One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»secondEast-West67,81 m2— € Reserved
A.A 8One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»secondSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.A 12One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»thirdEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.A 13One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»thirdSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.A 17One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»fourthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.A 18One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»fourthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.A 22One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»fifthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.A 23One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»fifthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.A 31One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»seventhEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.A 32One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»seventhSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.A 36One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»eighthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.A 37One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»eighthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.A 41One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»ninthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.A 42One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»ninthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.A 54One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»twelfthEast-West67,36 m2— € Sold
A.A 55One bedroom«Albitsiya»«A»twelfthSouthwest65,17 m2— € Sold
A.B 3One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»firstSouthwest65,02 m2— € Sold
A.B 4One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»firstEast-West67,21 m2— € Sold
A.B 5One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»firstSoutheast80,03 m2— € Sold
A.B 8One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»secondSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.B 9One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»secondEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.B 13One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»thirdSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.B 14One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»thirdEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.B 18One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»fourthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.B 19One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»fourthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.B 23One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»fifthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.B 24One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»fifthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.B 32One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»seventhSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.B 33One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»seventhEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.B 37One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»eighthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.B 38One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»eighthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.B 42One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»ninthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
A.B 43One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»ninthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
A.B 55One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»twelfthSouthwest65,17 m2— € Sold
A.B 56One bedroom«Albitsiya»«B»twelfthEast-West67,36 m2— € Sold

B BLOCK «Bozhur»

# Type Block Entrance Floor Exposition Total area Price State
B.A 1One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»firstSoutheast80,02 m2— € Sold
B.A 2One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»firstEast-West67,21 m2— € Sold
B.A 3One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»firstSouthwest65,02 m2— € Sold
B.A 7One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»secondEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.A 8One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»secondSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.A 12One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»thirdEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.A 13One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»thirdSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.A 17One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»fourthEast-West67,81 m2— € Reserved
B.A 18One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»fourthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.A 22One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»fifthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.A 23One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»fifthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.A 31One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»seventhEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.A 32One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»seventhSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.A 36One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»eighthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.A 37One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»eighthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.A 41One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»ninthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.A 42One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»ninthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Reserved
B.A 54One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»twelfthEast-West67,36 m2— € Sold
B.A 55One bedroom«Bozhur»«A»twelfthSouthwest65,17 m2— € Sold
B.B 3One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»firstSouthwest65,02 m2— € Sold
B.B 4One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»firstEast-West67,21 m2— € Not for sale
B.B 5One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»firstSoutheast80,02 m2— € Sold
B.B 8One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»secondSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.B 9One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»secondEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.B 13One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»thirdSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.B 14One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»thirdEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.B 18One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»fourthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.B 19One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»fourthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.B 23One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»fifthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.B 24One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»fifthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.B 32One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»seventhSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.B 33One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»seventhEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.B 37One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»eighthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.B 38One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»eighthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.B 42One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»ninthSouthwest65,61 m2— € Sold
B.B 43One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»ninthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
B.B 55One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»twelfthSouthwest65,17 m2— € Sold
B.B 56One bedroom«Bozhur»«B»twelfthEast-West67,36 m2— € Sold

V BLOCK «Viola»

# Type Block Entrance Floor Exposition Total area Price State
V.A 1One bedroom«Viola»«A»firstSouthwest80,02 m2— € Sold
V.A 2One bedroom«Viola»«A»firstEast-West67,21 m2— € Sold
V.A 3One bedroom«Viola»«A»firstSoutheast65,02 m2— € Sold
V.A 7One bedroom«Viola»«A»secondEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.A 8One bedroom«Viola»«A»secondSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.A 12One bedroom«Viola»«A»thirdEast-West67,81 m2— € Reserved
V.A 13One bedroom«Viola»«A»thirdSoutheast65,61 m2— € Reserved
V.A 17One bedroom«Viola»«A»fourthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.A 18One bedroom«Viola»«A»fourthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Reserved
V.A 22One bedroom«Viola»«A»fifthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.A 23One bedroom«Viola»«A»fifthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.A 31One bedroom«Viola»«A»seventhEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.A 32One bedroom«Viola»«A»seventhSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.A 36One bedroom«Viola»«A»eighthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.A 37One bedroom«Viola»«A»eighthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.A 41One bedroom«Viola»«A»ninthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.A 42One bedroom«Viola»«A»ninthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.A 54One bedroom«Viola»«A»twelfthEast-West67,36 m2— € Reserved
V.A 55One bedroom«Viola»«A»twelfthSoutheast65,17 m2— € Sold
V.B 3One bedroom«Viola»«B»firstSoutheast65,02 m2— € Sold
V.B 4One bedroom«Viola»«B»firstEast-West67,21 m2— € Sold
V.B 5One bedroom«Viola»«B»firstSouthwest80,02 m2— € Sold
V.B 8One bedroom«Viola»«B»secondSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.B 9One bedroom«Viola»«B»secondEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.B 13One bedroom«Viola»«B»thirdSoutheast65,61 m2— € Reserved
V.B 14One bedroom«Viola»«B»thirdEast-West67,81 m2— € Reserved
V.B 18One bedroom«Viola»«B»fourthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.B 19One bedroom«Viola»«B»fourthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.B 23One bedroom«Viola»«B»fifthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.B 24One bedroom«Viola»«B»fifthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.B 32One bedroom«Viola»«B»seventhSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.B 33One bedroom«Viola»«B»seventhEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.B 37One bedroom«Viola»«B»eighthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.B 38One bedroom«Viola»«B»eighthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.B 42One bedroom«Viola»«B»ninthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
V.B 43One bedroom«Viola»«B»ninthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
V.B 55One bedroom«Viola»«B»twelfthSoutheast65,17 m2— € Sold
V.B 56One bedroom«Viola»«B»twelfthEast-West67,36 m2— € Sold

G BLOCK «Gladiola»

# Type Block Entrance Floor Exposition Total area Price State
G.A 1One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»firstSouthwest80,02 m2— € Sold
G.A 2One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»firstEast-West67,21 m2— € Sold
G.A 3One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»firstSoutheast65,02 m2— € Sold
G.A 7One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»secondEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.A 8One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»secondSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.A 12One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»thirdEast-West67,81 m2— € Reserved
G.A 13One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»thirdSoutheast65,61 m2— € Reserved
G.A 17One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»fourthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.A 18One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»fourthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.A 22One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»fifthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.A 23One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»fifthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.A 31One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»seventhEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.A 32One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»seventhSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.A 36One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»eighthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.A 37One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»eighthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.A 41One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»ninthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.A 42One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»ninthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.A 54One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»twelfthEast-West67,36 m2— € Sold
G.A 55One bedroom«Gladiola»«A»twelfthSoutheast65,17 m2— € Sold
G.B 3One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»firstSoutheast65,02 m2— € Sold
G.B 4One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»firstEast-West67,21 m2— € Sold
G.B 5One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»firstSouthwest80,02 m2— € Reserved
G.B 8One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»secondSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.B 9One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»secondEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.B 13One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»thirdSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.B 14One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»thirdEast-West67,81 m2— € Reserved
G.B 18One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»fourthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.B 19One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»fourthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.B 23One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»fifthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.B 24One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»fifthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.B 32One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»seventhSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.B 33One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»seventhEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.B 37One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»eighthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Reserved
G.B 38One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»eighthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.B 42One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»ninthSoutheast65,61 m2— € Sold
G.B 43One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»ninthEast-West67,81 m2— € Sold
G.B 55One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»twelfthSoutheast65,17 m2— € Sold
G.B 56One bedroom«Gladiola»«B»twelfthEast-West67,36 m2— € Sold
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«Varna city park SOUTH» apartments

One bedroom


Two bedroom


Three bedroom


☰ way of payment
  1. Initial deposit payable upon signature to a preliminary agreement.
  2. Balance payment to be made in one of two ways:
    A) Upon issuance of Act 16, at transfer of the ownership;
    B) During construction, where a discount of up to 7.5% is applicable to each amount paid;
  3. We have secured up to 80% preferential mortgage lending to our customers from several Bulgarian banks. Soft loan terms and conditions for Bulgarians employed abroad.

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Do you have further questions?
Call us on: +359 888 810810
Write to us to: vcp.office@isu.bg

☰ fee of 0,69 bgn/m2

The monthly maintenance fee covers:

  1. All running costs (wages for the staff, consumables, electricity bills for the common parts, lighting in the park, lifts, etc.);
  2. 24 – hour access control at two access points;
  3. Subscription for servicing of the lifts;
  4. Landscaping maintenance of the 25 000 m2 park area;
  5. Cleaning of staircases, stairwells, common parts and green park;
  6. Maintenance of underground parking lot of 20 000 m2;
  7. Video monitoring;
  8. Current maintenance of the installations at the complex;
  9. Current maintenance of the hot mineral water swimming pool;
  10. Lighting of stairwells and corridors;
  11. Lighting of the common parts of the 20 000 m2 park area;
  12. Lighting of the underground parking lot of 640 parking places.

The fee is based on the number of square meters specified as “common area” for each individual property.


The fee payable for a two-room apartment of 65,02 m2 will amount to 44,86 BGN/month.

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Do you have further questions?
Call us on: +359 888 810810
Write to us to: vcp.office@isu.bg

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