The water of
«Varna City Park SOUTH»

General information

Water by choice

For the first time in Bulgaria, an own drilling well supplies a residential complex with drinking and hot mineral water. Along a separate pipeline, the water is supplied also from the city water supply network of «ViK Varna» (Water Supply and Sewerage Company).

The mineral water from the spring is used for year-round air-conditioning (cooling and heating), drinking water, household water and SPA (balneology). The entire infrastructure of the drilling well, along with thermal pumps and delivery of the offered services to each apartment in «Varna City Park SOUTH» is entirely on account of the investor, and these expenses are not incorporated in the apartment prices. The investment made is planned to be recovered in a 20-year period. For their drinking water supply, the new owners have the option to choose between the services of «ViK Varna» and «Varna City Park SOUTH». The water in the residential complex is 20% cheaper than the water supplied by «ViK Varna»

The thermal mineral water is a treasure for Varna and it should be used and we should be glad to have it.

Eng. Zlati Zlatev,
CEO of “Geology, Designing and Research” PLC - Varna


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«ВиК – Варна» Цени на водоснабдителни услуги
«Енерго-про Варна», действащи цени на електроенергията
Интервю за Радио „Фокус” с инж. Валентин Вълканов, директор на «ВиК – Варна»
Калкулатор - консумация на ел. уреди със зададени 100 л бойлер, 100 л потребление на вода дневно, 65°C, клас енергийна ефективност D

Curative properties of the water

SPA in each apartment

The treated thermal water is characteristic for the presence of sulphates and sulphides that enhance the balneo-therapeutic effect on dermatitis, neuralgia and inflammatory processes.

The hot water supplied for bathing and household needs comes from the same underground 1300-1700 meter deep water horizon used at the balneo-therapy center at «Dom Mladost», «Hospital for further treatment, prolonged treatment and rehabilitation – Varna branch» at MoI, the swimming pools and green houses at the «Euxinograd Palace», etc. The water is used for treatment of the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system, digestive system, for gynecological conditions, and post-traumatic disorders.

The term SPA relates to water-therapy known also as balneo-therapy. The SPA resorts, inclusive also of these with hot water springs, usually offer various therapy procedures. The belief in the curative effects of water dates back to ancient times. Such practices had been widely distributed throughout the world but were most frequently used in Europe and Japan. Daily SPA procedures are particularly popular and suggest various types of curative procedures.

Source: «Wikipedia»

Important facts

The wealth of «Varna City Park SOUTH»

Drinking water

The water taps from which the citizens of Varna have been taking water for their homes for decades comes from the same water, again from drillings. Famous water taps are these next to «Primorski» swimming pool, «Dom Mladost», and the one known as «Gabkata» is more than 50 years old.

After treatment and processing in a plant for physico-chemical stabilization of the mineral water the drinking water is brought to each apartment at the Complex. The water has stable physico-chemical, microbiological and anti-viral parameters, with no presence of chloramines and hydrogen sulphide, and fit for continued daily consumption at zero risk to human health.

The water leaves the plant with neutral pH, negative reduction potential, without chemically active components, fully decontaminated and of stable physico-chemical composition.

The water meets the drinking water criteria under the Bulgarian and European Standards (BDS and ES).

The physico-chemical stabilization of the geothermal water achieves:

  • The physico-chemical stabilization of the geothermal water achieves;

  • Low content of organic compounds available in non-treated geothermal water;

  • Formation of electrically neutral agglomerations with negative reduction potential making the treated water biologically active (live water);

  • Many times healthier and ecological than the water coming from the central supply system of Varna due to the fact of its being enriched in Oxygen and due to the non-availability of added chemical substances that tend to dissociate into acids and bases, the pH and the useful salt composition of the water are not modified;

  • Complete decontamination - the ozone oxidizes and directly destroys the protoplasm of all disease agents, with 100% bactericidal effect, while Chlorine reacts only with the enzymes, and hence the great difference in the virusoid stabilization of the water;

  • Decontamination with ozone occurs very fast – the vegetative forms are destroyed about 7 times faster than with Chlorine, and the spore forms 300 times faster; the contact time of ozone with the water at 100% bactericidal effect for disease agents of poliomyelitis, typhus, cholera, Siberian ulcer, Anthrax, Ebola, dysentery is up to 2 minutes where for Chlorine it is over 180 minutes or there is no effect at all;

  • Decontamination with ozone avoids a very significant shortcoming encountered during use of chlorine-containing preparations: the formation of chloramine and 3-halomethane, compounds with unpleasant odor that are acutely toxic and carcinogenic.

Thermal mineral water extracted from a great depth (over 1500 meters) does not contain bacteria and microorganisms that are present in all water springs located near the surface. The lack of live organisms and the subsequent decontamination with ozone makes the water of Varna City Park SOUTH crystal clear also from health point of view. The water is not in contact with chemicals (disinfection) that are still used in our country. Because of its low mineralization and neutral pH the water at the Complex is ideal for long-term use unlike the strongly mineralized waters. Drinking of sufficient quantities of water helps the discharge of some of the wastes and toxins from our bodies. Water participates in the process of degradation of nutrients where energy is released. According to healthy nutrition specialists a person needs approximately 1 liter of water daily per 25 kg of body weight. As a conclusion, we can point out that the water is absolutely odorless due to the depleted hydrogen sulphide, and is not radioactive.

Year-round hot mineral water swimming pool

With temperature of 32 - 35 °C the swimming pool is at the disposal of the owners at the Complex throughout the year, and there shall be no access to outsiders and guests. The swimming pool uses water identical to the one used at «Primorski» swimming complex (next to the pier), the hot-water open (soon also covered) swimming pool at «St. Konstantin and Elena» resort, and in «Dom Mladost».

Plant for physico-chemical stabilization of mineral water

The designation of the plant is to provide the closed-type residential complex with drinking water from a geothermal source.

Heating and cooling

general information

As a source of heating and cooling it provides year-round individual air-conditioning in the apartments at a temperature range of 18 — 28 °С.

A thermal pump replaces entirely both air-conditioning and central heating for cooling and heating of your home. Highly intelligent remote-control noiseless convectors (different from radiators) provide heating and cooling for your home.

Electricity bills drop drastically and issues such as prophylactics of air-conditioners, storage of radiators, electric heaters, central heating, ventilators, etc., are not your worry anymore. Green energy – directly from Nature. The most secure and ecologically clean energy will heat and cool your home. Currently, the same energy for air-conditioning is used at the «Palace of Culture and Sports», «House of Youth and Technology», «Berlin» Hotel and 3 other hotels at the «Golden Sands Resort», «Grand Hotel Varna», etc.


Household water

The price of household water and water for daily consumption will be referenced to the price of ViK – Varna Company and will be always 20% lower than it, for a period of 10 years after signature to your contract. Currently, the water price of ViK – Varna Company is 2,93 BGN /m3 and the water price of Varna City Park SOUTH is 2,45 BGN /m3

Hot water

Heating of the water up to 65°C – 5 BGN /m3.

Guaranteed prices

You have a 10-year contract for the price of water effective as from signature to your Title Deed.

«Varna city park SOUTH» apartments

☰ way of payment
  1. Initial deposit payable upon signature to a preliminary agreement.
  2. Balance payment to be made in one of two ways:
    A) Upon issuance of Act 16, at transfer of the ownership;
    B) During construction, where a discount of up to 7.5% is applicable to each amount paid;
  3. We have secured up to 80% preferential mortgage lending to our customers from several Bulgarian banks. Soft loan terms and conditions for Bulgarians employed abroad.

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☰ fee of 0,69 bgn/m2

The monthly maintenance fee covers:

  1. All running costs (wages for the staff, consumables, electricity bills for the common parts, lighting in the park, lifts, etc.);
  2. 24 – hour access control at two access points;
  3. Subscription for servicing of the lifts;
  4. Landscaping maintenance of the 25 000 m2 park area;
  5. Cleaning of staircases, stairwells, common parts and green park;
  6. Maintenance of underground parking lot of 20 000 m2;
  7. Video monitoring;
  8. Current maintenance of the installations at the complex;
  9. Current maintenance of the hot mineral water swimming pool;
  10. Lighting of stairwells and corridors;
  11. Lighting of the common parts of the 20 000 m2 park area;
  12. Lighting of the underground parking lot of 640 parking places.

The fee is based on the number of square meters specified as “common area” for each individual property.


The fee payable for a two-room apartment of 65,02 m2 will amount to 44,86 BGN/month.

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